Politicians have been trying to revitalize the Buffalo harbor for years. Saturday may have been the first break through, thanks to a couple bands from Canada.

The Arkells and The Tragically Hip rocked the stage before over 11,000 ticket buyers, as well as another 1,000 or so watching from their boats. The show had been sold out for two months. The night started off well with one of this writer's favorite bands, the Arkells. They knew how to the concert goers on their side, as they came on stage wearing Bills and Sabres shirts. The band also praised the venue and commented on the similarities between Buffalo and their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. When asked how they enjoyed the show on their twitter page, the Arkells posted "Beautiful venue, in a wonderful city. Thanks for having us. F'real." Besides their apparent love for Buffalo, the Arkells also put on a good show. They played the hits from their debut album, Jackson Square, with songs like "Pullin' Punches" and "John Lennon," as well as debuting three new songs like "Kiss Cam."

But after the Arkells left the stage, the night was only getting started. The beloved band affectionately known as "The Hip" took the stage and proceeded to play a powerful 20 song set in front of a raucous crowd. The set included favorites such as "New Orleans is Sinking", "Courage", "Little Bones", "Ahead by a Century", and "In View." Buffalo has always embraced The Hip, and Saturday night was no different. It was an amazing night, but it had to end at some point. That point was after a third encore song by The Hip, "Music at Work." This was the most alive we've seen the Buffalo waterfront since....well we really can't remember when, and it was all thanks to a couple of bands from our northern neighbor.