It's the day before the DMB concert at Darien Lake, and we thought you should know about who you may end up sharing a beer with. Although there may be a lot of awesome people hanging out in that grass parking lot tomorrow afternoon, there will be a few you should avoid, too.

The moocher

You'll see this guy roaming around from car to car in the fields of Darien. He'll come running up to you like an old friend. Eventually he will drop the question, asking if maybe you and he could drink a beer together. There's a catch: You've gotta provide those beers. Or this guy might just be that one friend who mooches like crazy even though they clearly need no more.

The blackout status high school freshman

You'll see this chick posing for a picture, beer in hand (making sure it's clearly visible in the picture), leaning over sideways, hoping Instagram will somehow how make her drunken stupor look more like a hot mess than a mess. And then you'll be left wondering how these kids even got in.

The sweaty guy without a shirt

Something very strange happens in the summertime: All guys suddenly think they have the bodies of those guys in Magic Mike. Unfortunately, when the beer comes out on the lawn of Darien, the shirts come off. Don't get too close to these guys.

The ultimate fan

This is guy who wastes all his time at the merchandise line while we're all pre-gaming on the lawn. For some reason, he thinks he's better than the all the other guys. When he's screaming to the lead singer about how much he loves his lyrics, feel free to remind him that no one can hear him.

The couple on PDA overload

Don't get us wrong; There's no better date than a date to a concert. But seriously, you went to the concert to see the band/hear the music, not to close your eyes and make out to every single song. Gag.