On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to teach an MBA class at a local college. Three hours of business professionals’ undivided attention made my stomach ache, to say the least, but hey, I always wonder what it’s like to be a teacher (although I admit I just want teachers’ vacation time).

Before I stepped in front of those 30 judgmental know-it-alls*, I had to do my homework. Three chapters of reading to prepare myself. Or as I like to call it: torture.

I HATED reading textbooks when I was in college, so much so that I rarely ever did. Don’t ask me how I got by. Probably because I was a communications major. As my husband and The Simpsons television show like to remind me, “it’s a joke major.” (Sidebar: I don’t think it’s a joke major. But it’s definitely not rocket science.)

Much to my ADD’s surprise, I was able to read and comprehend all three chapters. It’s different when you’re reading about techniques used in an industry you work in every day. But I’ll tell you what, it made one thing very clear: textbooks are terrible!

After reading the first three pages, I could’ve easily got the same points across in a paragraph. Maybe two. Half of the points don’t even apply to the industry I’m in. I can’t help but think about all the money and time wasted on textbooks year after year.

I could really use that money right about now.

*The students turned out to be a great group. If they were judging me, they did so quietly.