All work and no play leads to...well, nobody really works ALL the time do they?

See how many you match up with....There is going to be a test at the end.

1. You dread coming to work in the morning....Who doesn't though?

2. You are putting lots of energy into the job, but not making the kind of project and/or overall progress that you feel is reasonable. Huh...progress??? What's that?

3. You are putting no energy into the job because doing so makes you want to stab your eyes out with a sharpened number 2 pencil. May we suggest real wood pencils? They don't break under the pressure.

4. Your lunch break is spent complaining to your coworkers about how much you hate being where you are. Jack FM is no exception

5. Your boss irrationally hates you....or rationally, but either way, they hate you

6. You've bounced laterally around the company for years without a promotion and found out you don't really work there

7. You're not being given what you were promised...which was cake.

8. You've slept with one, or more, of your coworkers, and things ended badly, or they just never went home.

9. There's this exiled Nigerian businessman's widow who's wiring you a bunch of money, and you get to keep a few hundred thousand. We say do it.

10. You're making the same amount of money that you were when you first started working for the company. Five years ago. Kudos if you're making less.

If you can relate to one...two...or all of them, don't walk out just yet. Maybe the Western New York Diversity Job Fair is where you need to be next week.

We didn't actually come up with these cause you know everything you see on the internet is "original" see the post we ripped off at: