Here comes a PETA moment:

The Iditarod. Making a pack of dogs pull your fat butt through grueling conditions. And it’s a sport. I’m not sure how or why. Poor dogs are collapsing from being pushed too hard. And we’re OK with this?

A story emerged this week about a 9-year-old husky collapsing in the middle of a run. He was “gone,” according to his abuser owner.

The owner, Scott Janssen, performed CPR on his dog, Marshall, bringing him back from the big bright light.

“I really love that dog,” said Janssen. He said he sobbed while trying to revive poor Marshall. And once the dog came to, he got to ride in the sled until the next checkpoint.

But what about the other dogs? Now, they’re a “man” down with extra weight in the sled.

It just doesn’t seem fair. I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. I love eating. Food is amazing. But if someone is adding resistance to my body and whipping me, especially in wintry conditions, I’m not going to enjoy. At all.

So basically, save the whole “the dogs love it” story until Dr. Dolittle convinces me otherwise. And get off the damn sled and pull yourself, fatty.