Van Halen's new song appropiately called Tattoo says it perfectly. "Little Secret to make you think.  Why is the crazy stuff we never say poetry in ink?" This criminal may want to recon. reports that Dylan Edward Contreras, 19, was asked for his details after being stopped by policeover the weekend. He reportedly gave the name, Emiliano Velesco, and his birth date, but an observant officer noted a tattoo on the teenager's left forearm. The tat read "Contreras." So the cop ran the name Contreras and birth date  through the system, and his suspicions paid off when he unearthed details of a possible warrant. Mr. Velesco, um I mean - Mr. Contreras - was arrested for providing false information.

When I was a kid I messed around with my dad's, really expensive, metal tipped ink pens. I was seven, if it drew pictures I used them. Only problem, I snapped the very delicate tips which made him furious. So after he threatened me "one last time", I proceeded to ignore the warning and went back to the forbidden fountain pens.

He walked in the room I was drawing in prompting me to SLAM the pen into the cap. Unfortunately, I missed the cap and jammed it in my left hand leaving an ink dot embedded under my skin...a tattoo if you will. When he asked if I was using his pens, I lied and said no. However, the self induced "tat" was proof enough and I was busted.

Check out the video below.