We are Sunset Wakeup! Matt Schultz (bass and vocals), Brian MacLeod (guitar and programming), David Miller, Jr.  (guitar and vocals) and Matthew Salzler (drums).

The reason we created Sunset Wakeup was to blur the lines of genre. We write and play music with feeling, and we don't let labels hold us down. Sunset Wakeup is all about heavy guitars and catchy hooks, and we wouldn't be ourselves without sprinkling [in] melodic sampling and hardcore breakdowns. We have played birthday parties, fundraisers, punk shows, metal shows and club shows with DJs. We all have fun playing the music we write while winning over hearts at every venue. Why put a label on it?
The musical influences of Sunset Wakeup range from the Beatles to A Rocket to the Moon, and Iron Maiden to Four Year Strong. The four of us wouldn't be where we are without the help of Green Day and Blink 182 records to practice along to.

Listen to our song  "All Too Familiar":

If you could create your dream tour, which bands would you bring along with you and why?

Playing out in Buffalo, we have become close with other local bands trying to do the same thing we are. Who better to tour with then the people and bands we love? Our dream tour would consist of Buffalo's best!

You guys have lots of animal pictures posted on your Facebook. What power animals would best represent your personalities?

David would best be represented by a mother bear. He is very docile and reserved until one of his cubs needs him to stand up and be intimidating! You don't want to see him angry!

Matt Schultz would be a tiger, always trying to look pretty with his stripes and hunting down his prey...the ladies!

Matthew Salzler, on the other hand, would definitely be a lion. Extremely strong, smart and acting like the king of his jungle known as Arcade, N.Y.

Brian, the vegetarian of the band with a six pack and a body chiseled to perfection? Obviously he would be a kangaroo...a shy and cuddly kangaroo.

What gets you pumped up for a show? Do you guys have any pre-performance rituals?

Sunset Wakeup does not have any unordinary pre-show rituals. We like to relax and get food before playing a show. It's very important for us to keep together and act professionally at every performance. But afterwards, you better have on your drinkin' shoes!

What's next for Sunset Wakeup? Where are you performing next?

When we think about the near future for the band, we plan on releasing our first-ever album before 2013. Written, recorded and produced all by yours truly...Sunset Wakeup! We do not have any shows booked right now, but you can expect to see us all over Western New York. Make sure you like us on Facebook to know when and where we'll be tearin' up the stage!

You can also find us on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram (@sunsetwakeup).

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