world cup

Soccer Pep Talk [VIDEO]
With the USA doing surprisingly well in the World Cup, Jack thought it would be a good idea to show you how a winning coach should act...even if he is coaching 9 year olds like Will Ferrell is in "Kicking and Screaming".
World Cup 101 — The Road to Brazil 2014
Starting June 12, countries across the globe will adjust their schedules to align with Brazil so their citizens can watch as their national teams quest after the greatest trophy in the footballing world: the World Cup.
Women’s World Cup Frenzy Fueled by Local Ties
Buffalo is a city known for it's passion for sports of all kinds, especially when their own athletes are involved. Attention and expectations were at an all time high for women's soccer this weekend as the national team faced off against Japan for the coveted World Cup. Unfortunately, the game ended…
World Cup Highlights
No vuvuzelas here. This is Skiing's World Cup. Competitors of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup sail high over the crowds during the annual tournament, in which Norway's Tom Hilde took the championship last weekend. Since Jack FM is heading out to Kissing Bridge tonight, we thought we could u…