10 Unusual Winter Activities You Might Not Know About
This winter, when the snow is piled high outside your doorway, or in the mountains nearby, you could head out into the cold and build a snowman or have an epic snowball fight. Those are some time-honored winter traditions, yet when the temperature drops, there’s so much more you can …
7 Hearty Beers to Keep You Warm This Winter
With the weather starting to get cold out there, we're going to be putting away our Coronas, Bud Lights with lime and fruit-tinged Heifeweizens in search for heartier beers that will keep us warm in the cold.
Hearty in the sense that they're strong and hearty and hold up against rich, col…
Storm Fizzles Out, Warning Cancelled
All weekend long we heard from local and national meteorologist about this massive storm that was riding up the coast and would dump up to 16" of snow in parts of Western New York. Well some of you may have seen snow on the ground but we saw nothing but wet pavement here in Buffalo.
Is Winter Over Or Is The Big One Coming? [POLL]
Winter has for the most part not showed up this year and with every passing day we get closer to spring and warmer temperatures.  The lake has not even come close to freezing over which leads me to ask the question; Will Western New York get through winter without a major snow event or is the l…

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