Yikes! Look What This Woman Found in Her Pre-Packaged Salad
I've officially heard it all. I've seen frogs and rats packaged in things, but never this. In fact--how does this even happen? This couple was eating a salad that they got from Walmart in Florida and then they discovered a bat in it.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with the …
WATCH: Teacher Drags Student Down Stairs + Forces Into Pool
A gym teacher is facing charges after he allegedly dragged and tried to force her to go into the school pool.  The student didn't want to go in and  he apparently, was not taking no for an answer. It was carried on for nearly two minutes and she was dragged down the stairs and to the pool and …
Is Male Menopause Fact or Fiction? — Health Check
While menopause is a fact of life for women, ads for testosterone replacement therapy drugs make it seem as though men suffer a similar fate in their old age. However — jokes aside — professionals, for the most part, believe there really is no inevitable male equivalent.

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