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6 of the Worst Tech Predictions of All Time
Predictions about technology are notoriously tough to make. Still, the experts and visionaries often get it right — but when they don’t, they get it colossally wrong. Here are some of history’s most famously bungled insights made by tech giants and industry bigw…
Woman’s Lawn Stolen While on Vacation
It’s natural to worry about things when you leave for vacation. Did I turn the lights off? Are the doors locked? Did I take the trash out? What you don’t worry about, however, is your lawn being stolen. Maybe now you should.
Freak Bounce House Accident Injures 13 [VIDEO]
A group of bounce houses became a house of horrors over the weekend on a soccer field in Long Island.
Strong winds propelled three of the houses into the air Saturday at the Oceanside United Soccer Club, injuring 13 people, including some children who were inside the playhouses.
Police Arrest Pop Perv
Police in Oklahoma City caught Marshall David Osbrone with his pants down, literally. What's even stranger is that he nestled up next to a soda machine in an attempt to hide his lude act.
KOCO reports officers arrested the 31-year-old man last month after they caught him pleasuring himself while…
Who’s in the Mood for Some Meat Water? [VIDEO]
Oh yes it's true, a beverage company has created Meat Water! Why this is a necessity, I have no clue. If we haven't already ran into health issues in America, we want to make it easier/faster to down dinner! The new flavor, Beef Salad Water (my mouth is already salivating)!  There is …
MMMM, How About a Piece of Christ Candy?
Seems like every few weeks people are finding the Virgin Mary or Jesus in thier Nachos, Cereal and Grilled Cheese. This Holiday Season a Toledo man found the Lord in his Christmas Candy. MMMM, Christ Candy! So do you have to say grace before you eat Christ Candy? Or is it already blessed? Here&apo…
Dance Young Man, Dance
Give a young lad a TV camera, and watch him ham it up. Little Keegan Roberts, busted the proverbial move on the Today show during a serious interview about his father who had died in Afghanistan. Clearly excited about the TV cameras, Keegan's Dance moves took center stage while interviewer Meri…

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