Weezer Announce 2014 Cruise
Weezer and Rose Tours have announced the 2014 Weezer Cruise. The five-day adventure is set to run from Feb. 13-17, departing from Jacksonville Fla. and making stops in Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas.
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How do you describe Weezer? Quirky, right? The band made geek sheek in the 1990's with their debut album simply titled Weezer and became media darlings with their funny videos including the classic "Happy Days" inspired "Buddy Holly" video that incorporated t…
Weezer: Launches A Rock Cruise For 2012 [VIDEO]
Rock cruises have gotten pretty popular over the last decade or so, offering an interesting (albeit expensive) twist on the concert experience for fans of bands like Guster, Barenaked Ladies, John Mayer, and Rick Springfield.
Oh, and add Weezer to that list.