This Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
Solar paneling has been around for a long time... and the best part about solar energy is it is self sustaining. The sun rises and sets every day and can provide enough energy for the entire world... It is Solar Roadways that can do just that...
Better In Slow Motion [VIDEO]
With the glory's of the internet. What normal would cost an arm and a legs at the theater to get good wholesome entertainment. Now comes at the click of a button.
Car... check... explosion...check... slo-motion... check.
Just more proof that everything in life is better in slow motion...
Epic Piñata Fails
Some of the best things in life come at a price... most of the time that price is of some monetary value... but in JACK FM's case... it's mostly our own amusement and laughter at our own and other peoples short comings.
In honor of Cinco De Mayo enjoy this video and laugh a l…
Happy Sung as Family Guy [VIDEO]
Family Guy, has made us laugh, cry, and sometime throw up. But now with the age of You Tube and a million people who do half decent impersonations JACK FM proudly brings you a cover of Pharell Williams "Happy" sung in the key of Family Guy.

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