5 Marriage Proposals We’d Totally Say No To
A somewhat recent video to make its way around the Internet was a marriage proposal from a man who thought it might be funny to fake an imminent plane crash before popping the question. The commercial pilot, Ryan Thompson, told his girlfriend that the plane was experiencing trouble and asked her to …
Nun Caught on Camera Stealing Beer
Think all nuns lead lives of poverty, chastity and obedience? Think again. In this video, an apparent woman of the cloth is caught stealing drinks from a convenience store. Oh, sister. Better repent right away.
‘First World Problems’ PSA Will Make You Laugh, Think
"First World Problems" are meant to be a joke. The internet meme mocks the way the planet's more privileged citizens will complain about things many people would consider luxuries.
But if all you know is the First World, wouldn't these "problems" be real to you? In a parody video …
Adorable Kids Discuss Politics, Quickly Get Off Topic
Watching kids try to answer questions about politics is like watching a cat look at itself in the mirror -- it's funny because they don't know what we know. And also it's really cute. For example, our president is "Broccoli Llama," and when asked what party she belon…

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