The 10 Best Skeleton Dances Ever
Videos of old-timey skeleton dances are the best way to get a little spook-ified before Halloween without accidentally soiling yourself. That is a fact -- you can ask anybody. Oh, thanks for asking. Yes, that is a fact. From PBS to Disney and beyond, here are the best skeleton dances EVER to get you…
Let’s Bust Some Ghosts — Gangnam Style!
We know you’re probably sick of ‘Gangnam Style’ video parodies by now. Believe us, as much as we enjoy Korean rapper Psy, we’re getting a bit bored by all of his imitators. But how about a ‘Gangnam’ inspired mashup?
Awesome Video of Hurricane Sandy — From Space! [VIDEO]
Everyone in the Northeast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy. Parts of New York City and New Jersey have already been evacuated in preparation for the storm. Locally, we aren't supposed to see much until Wednesday (October 31), which would put somewhat of a damper on any trick-or-treating plan…

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