‘Tan Mom’ Is Of Course Twerking Now
Like a bad sunburn, the ‘Tan Mom’ just won’t go away. Now Patricia Krentcil, aka the "Tan Mom," is at it again, frightening the internet with a video where she jumps on the twerking bandwagon in a last ditch effort to be relevant.
Ingenious Pranksters Fill Friend’s House With Beer
In this hilarious video, a group of friends in New Zealand decide to rig the water lines in their buddy’s house so that beer came out of every tap in the house. Then, they set up dozens of cameras all over the house to catch his reaction. It’s a prank that will h…
Groom Collects Slap Bet At Wedding [VIDEO]
There is a time and a place for everything, and the alter in a church at your own wedding probably isn't the time nor place for much more than your vows.
Certainly not cashing in on a slap bet.
Having A Bad Day? You Need To Watch This [VIDEO]
Having a crappy day or fed up with your boss? Sick of everyone asking "Guess what day it is?" every Wednesday? Stuck in traffic? (Actually, if you are driving, you probably shouldn't be surfing the interwebs, so please pay attention to the car in front of you.)
BatDad Trades In Batmobile For Minivan [VIDEO]
BatDad may not be up for father of the year, although he probably should be. In a series of Vine videos BatDad can be seen terrorizing teaching his kids with a rubber mask and gravelly voice. While the kids certainly act better than Bane, this doesn't stop the caped crusader of parenting from g…

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