Aerosmith Offers Clip of First Song From New Album [VIDEO]
It wasn’t all that long ago that it seemed like Aerosmith might never record again — but they’re back in the studio, working on their first album of new material in a decade, and they’re giving fans an early behind-the-scenes look at the process.
The band’s latest in-studio video offers a glimpse of …
Car Appears to Intentionally Hit Riders During Tour De France
During high-profile bike races like the Tour de France, there are often official cars driving fairly close to the riders, raising the specter of an accident.
But the collision that took place during the Tour Monday, between a car carrying members of a French television crew and riders Juan Antonio Fl…
Move Over Morgan Freeman, There’s A New Voice Guy In Town [NSFW]
The Honey Badger is one crazy animal and the narrator in this video, Randall is um, also a little crazy. While you will never hear Randall on National Geographic or Discovery it is entertaining to hear someone talk about animals that knows nothing about them and is probably really scared of bugs, sn…

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