veteran's day

Veterans Day Free + Discounted Food in WNY [LIST]
I am proud to say that Buffalo makes sure that it honors Veterans Day well as we recognize the men and women who have served our country. Many local businesses show their appreciation for veterans by offering discounts or even free food or products on Wednesday, November 11...
Celebrate Veterans Day in Buffalo
The words "American" and "freedom" are synonymous with each other. If the freedoms we possess were gone, we would, in essence, not be Americans. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe and celebrate the freedoms we have and honor those who fought to gain and retain those …
Veteran’s Day Jacktivities
It’s Veteran’s Day. Lots to do to pay tribute with the Veterans Day Parade on Delaware at 2 pm or you can head over to the Made in America Store on Maple for a full day of festivities