Dear Verizon – Your New Data Plan Policy is Stupid
Last year, Verizon Wireless decided to charge extra for using more than 2 GB's of data on your smart phone. Luckily, I was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and wasn't affected. That's about to change as Verizon  begins converting grandfathered users into the more e…
Verizon Wireless Announces New ‘Convenience Fee’
If you listen closely, you’ll hear the collective screams of a lot of Verizon Wireless customers — the company has announced that starting next month, it will impose a $2 fee on anyone who pays a monthly bill using a credit or debit card online or by phone.
ISP’s Attempt to Reign in Attempted Piracy with Stern Warnings
In what's being heralded as a win for film and music studios, the country's top internet service providers -- Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and Verizon -- have all signed on to a new initiative called the Copyright Alert System to combat internet piracy.
The new process will ident…
The iPhone Is Coming! The iPhone Is Coming!
In what will probably go down in history as the worst kept Apple secret ever, word has leaked out that TOMORROW January 11th, Verizon Wireless will be holding a press event to announce that after 4 long years of waiting, customers on the Nation's largest wireless network will at long last be able to…