Van Halen

Ronnie Montrose Shares Story of Meeting Eddie Van Halen
Not long before his untimely and somewhat unexpected death this past March, legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose contributed some rather glowing praise of Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen for a new photo book that is being compiled by rock photographer extraordinaire Neil Zlozower.
Sammy Hagar Talks About Van Halen Tour Postponement
One of the reasons for Sammy Hagar’s longstanding appeal is that nobody onstage has as much fun as he does. Now, he’s got even more reason to smile after hearing the news that Van Halen has postponed more than 30 dates on their 2012 tour.
Van Halen Tour Postponement Explained?
If you were concerned by the news that Van Halen postponed over 30 dates on their 2012 tour a couple of days ago, and even more worried about reports it was due to in-band fighting, have hope! According to sources close to the band, the group is simply burned out and needs a break.
Van Halen Postpone Rochester Show
If you missed the Van Halen show in Buffalo and were hoping to catch the boys when they rolled through Rochester in July, we're sorry to tell you the band has postponed that leg of the tour. It's weird though since the band had just added 8 new shows last week...

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