Van Halen

Van Halen To Tour Japan This Summer
Remember when Van Halen cut short their U.S. tour in 2012?
Everyone said they were done for good, never returning to the stage.
Everyone but the band that is.
Van Halen Announce New U.S. Tour Date
Well, it isn't quite the massive slate of European dates that David Lee Roth insisted we'd be getting this summer, but Van Halen's touring machine seems to be steadily grinding back into gear.
Van Halen Perform First Show of 2013 in Sydney
It's not just Black Sabbath who are opening up their touring season along the Tasman Sea. At the same time earlier today (April 20) that the metal giants were playing in Auckland, New Zealand, Van Halen began their concert schedule of 2013 at the Stone Music Festival, which is being held at the…
Van Halen to Begin Work On New Album
David Lee Roth confirms Van Halen will begin work this summer for a follow up to 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth,' but cautions not to expect a studio effort anytime soon -- maybe not for as long as three years.
Van Halen’s ‘Diver Down’ Turns 31
Van Halen's fifth album, 1982's 'Diver Down,' turns 31 years old today (April 14). As a hastily-recorded collection featuring only four full-length original songs, this record should by all rights be a disaster.
Instead, it's just about the most fun thing you can play at your…

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