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Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Buffalo
Oh no, please tell me you didn't forget to make a reservation for tonight! Look, we know how amazing our station is but, seriously we cannot be your Valentine, especially because your wife has already called and threated us. She said we can have you every other day, but today is her day! Now C…
Top 10 Natural Aphrodisiac’s
So tonight's the night for Italian music, flowers, chocolate, and lots of food. And this Valentine's day don't stay away from the garlic... It might just put you in the right mood! So, who wants to know a few ways to set the mood for this lovers holiday...
This Valentine’s Day Put Your Girl In A Song
Guys wanna impress your dress? (That's slang for the lady in your life) Then pick out a song that has her name in it and sing it to her. Don't know if your girls name is in a song? Let Brian, from Family Guy, help you out!
New Traditions for Anti-Valentine’s Day Supporters [VIDEO]
Here's a great new tradition for those of us that get sick when they see that perfect couple. And here's to the couple that just can't keep the PDA, also known as public display of affection, to a minimum. The couples must show everyone just how much they care and can't keep the…
Not Your Typical Romantic Movie
Flowers and candy. A romantic dinner, okay. But if watching one of those tear-jerking, sappy romantic movies is something you are trying desperately to avoid this Valentine’s Day, perhaps you should take a different approach.
Valentine’s Day Cards from JACK FM
The Jack FM creative team had nothing better to do this week (since they couldn't get a date),so they created some Valentine's Day Cards to help you get lucky. And by lucky we mean, lucky not to get slapped in the face. Download them for yourself or suggest your own Jack FM Valentine'…
You Got What For Valentine’s Day?!
Do you remember your first Valentine’s Day gift? Was it so wonderful that when you think about the present you received, you feel all lovey-dovey inside? Or was it the worst gift ever, and you burned it before the night was over?

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