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Conan O’Brien Facebook Cards Will Steal Your Valentine
This Valentine’s Day, Conan is here to help. Last year, the late-night host launched a series of video F-cards, which you can send to your friends on Facebook. F-cards are a lot like E-Cards only, well, blunter. With Valentine’s just around the corner, Conan has …
JACK’s Valentine’s Day Cards [PHOTOS]
Hey guys, if your iPod isn't loaded up with 'Love Stinks', 'Love Hurts' or Adam Sandler's 'Somebody Kill Me' don't forget that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. If you haven't found a card for your sweetie, JACK has your back.
No Valentine This Year? Theres a Holiday For That
Valentines Day puts so much pressure on having that "special someone." But here at Jack we say why celebrate at all? When there are other perfectly awesome holidays the day before, the day of, and the day after Valentines Day. So get rid of the heart shaped cookies and the naked ba…
Couple Spends Valentine’s Day Underwater
This couple, Kathryn O'Conner and James Oliver, really love aquariums. So much so in fact that they decided to have an underwater blessing in the Ocean Reef Display in the London Aquarium on Valentine's Day. The ceremony was conducted through written cards from the other side of the glass.…

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