What States Have the Highest Unemployment Rates?
It’s not easy being unemployed or under-employed, but you are definitely not alone. Even with a highly positive new jobs report just out and the country apparently on an upswing, an unemployment rate of 7.7 percent means a lot of people still need jobs.
But that doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless…
Hallmark Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed
With the US unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, it’s nice to know someone‘s business is thriving. In this case, that someone is Hallmark, which recently began selling sympathy cards aimed at those who’ve lost jobs.
Unemployment Amongst Blacks At Depression Levels
Within any society if people are working and able to care for themselves and families they feel better about themselves and usually look at life in a positive manner. But when there are no jobs, life comes with no purpose or hope and in the black community the outcome can be dire as we are now seein…