Weinergate and the Twitter Response
When Rep. Anthony Weiner held a press conference Monday afternoon, revealing that he had pulled a 'Bret Farve' and  revealed photo of himself to a young woman on his Twitter account, Twitter quickly erupted with continuous jokes about the situation.
Fall TV 2011: CBS Cancels ‘$#*! My Dad Says’
Well, $#*!.
CBS announced Sunday that is pulling the plug on the William Shatner vehicle ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ after just one season.
The sitcom, which was based on the popular Twitter feed by Justin Halpern, debuted strong in the ratings last fall, but stumbled as the season progre…
Happy B-Day Twitter #icantbelieveitsbeen5years [VIDEO-NSFW]
Believe it or not, Twitter turns 5 years old today. Starting out in 2006 and gaining popularity in 2007 at the SXSW Festival where it went from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000. This is nothing compared to today where 190 million users genrate over 65 million tweets per day.
#LessAmbitiousMovies Takes Over Twitter, Hilarity Ensues
Last night around midnight my Twitter feed started being overrun by the hashtag #lessambitiousmovies. After reading a couple of them it was pretty clear this Twitter "game" was awesome. The whole idea is to take a movie and pull back a bit on the drama, excitement or action. Here are some …