TRON Guy Recreates Film’s Racing Scene With Duct Tape [VIDEO]

TRON Guy Jay Maynard is back and this time he’s got a little bit of corporate and creative muscle behind him. Created by San Francisco based agency Ryactive for Duck Brand duct tape, ‘Duck TRON’ is a colorful, duct tape send-up of the sci-fi flick’s famous racing sequences. And who’s the ‘user’ behi…
Jack’s Trailer Park: The Tech Behind Tron:Legacy
Disney's new Tron:Legacy movie, due out in Regal Theater's this weekend features a digitally younger Jeff Bridges. See the picture, find out how they did it, and how you can win passes to Tron: Legacy from Jack's Trailer Park.
Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Preview
After a much hyped leak of the soundtrack ended up on youtube, and ended up being fake, it looks as though someone has got creative.  I doubt it was any cry baby  music exec though.  Soundtrack drops 12-7-10
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Oh and BTW Jac…