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Top 10 Phil Ramone Rock Albums
Since the early '60s, Phil Ramone has worked behind the scenes on some of the biggest-selling records of the past five decades. He started by engineering sessions at the New York recording studio he founded. By the 1970s he was producing artists like Paul Simon and Billy Joel, adding layers of …
10 Excuses to Get You Out of Work on Memorial Day Weekend
I've been looking forward to this weekend since my last scheduled day off of work – New Year’s Day. And the weather has been amazing! So I was sad to hear that two of my friends not only have to work Saturday, but Monday, too! The nerve.
For the benefit of those of you stuck in a similar situation, I…
Buffalo Makes Another List
Last week, Buffalo was named among the most romantic cities in the U.S. Just when you started feeling proud that you live in Buffalo, a new report is out listing the top 10 shrinking cities.
Top 10 Natural Aphrodisiac’s
So tonight's the night for Italian music, flowers, chocolate, and lots of food. And this Valentine's day don't stay away from the garlic... It might just put you in the right mood! So, who wants to know a few ways to set the mood for this lovers holiday...
Who Wins MVP For The Ads?
The Green Bay Packers are the champions of Super Bowl XLV. Now the three-million-dollars-for-30-seconds-of-airtime question is ... which Super Bowl ad ruled 2011?