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Tom Hanks Hair Quiz
It's Friday, you're not getting much work done today - oh wait, it's still Thursday - either way you're probably not doing anything really important. We are huge fans of Tom Hanks, from Sleepless in Seattle to Forrest Gump, Philadelphia and of course The Money Pit (which reminds …
See the Cast of ‘Forrest Gump’ Then and Now
'Forrest Gump' is a tale of a dim-witted but good-natured man who finds himself in the middle of many of the influential events of post-World War II America.
The 1994 film was a huge hit, earning close to 700 million at the box office and winning six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.
Which Celebs Are Advice-Worthy?
It seems like the minute someone gains an ounce of attention, a Blockbuster hit or a paycheck over $100K, they feel authorized to provide the rest of the world with their omniscient advice and thoughts on life. But just because some celeb who's been through rehab 85 times is dishing it out doesn't m…
Tom Hanks and David Letterman Swap Outfits [VIDEO]
Wanting to look his snazziest for his upcoming segment, Tom Hanks interrupted David Letterman during the monologue on Tuesday night’s ‘Late Show’ and asked if they could swap clothing.
“I’m not really feeling great about this outfit,&CloseCu…

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