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The Super Bowl’s Here. Bring In The Bucket.
By Jillian Benedict
I admit, it’s exhausting hating the Patriots. I’ve been dreading this blog entry for a while. But the big day is upon us, and I feel like puking.
Tom Brady has done nothing but make me hate him even more. First he gave a pair of Ugg Boots to all his …
Tom Brady Apologizes To Buffalo
An update on that story we told you about yesterday. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has now apologized for his comments on Wednesday regarding Buffalo hotels.
Tom Brady Bashes Buffalo
As if Buffalo Bills fans didn't have enough reasons to despise the New England Patriots. Now comes another. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady bashed Buffalo during an interview during Super Bowl week.
The Battle of Good and Evil
Today’s the day. It’s the ultimate showdown. Today’s game at 8 p.m. is probably bigger than the Super Bowl. It’s probably bigger than life itself. Today’s the day when one quarterback – a heavenly angel; a buddy to…
Tom Brady Cuts His Losing Locks [PHOTOS]
Yesterday was a sad day in Boston. In New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady's weekly press conference, Brady showed up with a new 'do. Clearly, after throwing 4 picks against the Bills on Sunday something drastic had to be done and out came the clippers...
Who Would Have Bill-eved?!?
So there it is... The Buffalo Bills are number 1 in the AFC East, 3-0, and just beat the New England Patriots!... "Is this real life?" I still get chills just thinking about the events of yesterday's game that set the Bills up for the WIN...
Top Ten Reason Why I Hate The New England Patriots
Unless you’ve recently just landed on earth, you know that I cannot stand teams from Boston. My number one hated team of all time is, of course, the New England Patriots.
With these jerks taking the field against the Bills today, I thought what better way to kick-off the tailgating th…
Buffalo Bills Try and Stop the “Brady” Bunch…Finally
2003 was supposed to be a big year for Bills fans, with the pre-season acquisition of Lawyer Milloy and a Buffalo Bills team that featured a gun-slinging Drew Bledsoe. Sunday September 7, 2003 was the day a young Tom Brady would throw 4 interceptions and get walked all over by the Bills, as the Patr…