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Meredith Vieira Exits Stage Left ‘TODAY’
After almost five years on the 'TODAY' show, Meredith Vieira  left her post as co-anchor of NBC's top-rated program.
It was an understandably emotional farewell for Vieira, who thanked the crew members of the show and all of her viewers. "All of you I will put in my heart," she said.
Internet? What is this Internet?? [VIDEO]
Oh, the irony...17 years ago Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were puzzled with this new-fangled technology. Fast forward to 2011 and a clip of them from the Today show in 1994 is an internet sensation.
Dance Young Man, Dance
Give a young lad a TV camera, and watch him ham it up. Little Keegan Roberts, busted the proverbial move on the Today show during a serious interview about his father who had died in Afghanistan. Clearly excited about the TV cameras, Keegan's Dance moves took center stage while interviewer Meri…