11 Clever Notes Left on Restaurant Receipts
Being a waiter or waitress can be pretty tough at times. Complaining customers, lame tips-- the list goes on. But of course there are the select few awesome diners who actually appreciate their servers (or just want to give 'em a laugh), and they leave a clever notes on the receipt.
5 Common and Major Interview Mistakes
Job interviews are hard enough without sabotaging yourself by making some major mistakes that hiring managers say are all too common. These seem like obvious interview no-nos, but they’re at the top of every recruiter’s list of things they see people doing all the tim…
Prevent Bad Breath: 8 Tips to Remember!
Do you want a piece of gum???
Think about this question next time it's asked.  Are they asking you to be nice, or are they secretly begging you to take the gum to cover up that breath?
We're here to help. Here are eight causes of and tips for bad breath...