The Clash

30 Years Ago: The Clash Fire Mick Jones
In 1983, “the only band that matters” was poised to become the biggest band in the world. Over the course of a few years, the Clash had gone from punk upstarts to a passionately eclectic band capable of rocking stadiums.
Classic Albums… With Power Rangers!
Believe it or not, the Power Rangers are still on the air, and lately they've been turning to viral videos to promote themselves.
Like this one, where they reenact twenty-one different album covers, ranging from Justin Bieber to The Clash, each with their own Power Rangers-esque twist...
See Album Covers Come to Life Through Animation
If you think your regular old album covers are cool, you haven’t seen those same album covers in motion. The latest cool Tumblr blog, created by someone who calls himself Mr. Dormouse, animates album covers to be eye-catching or interesting or just plain silly. Watch these album…