Terry Pegula

Dear Buffalo Sabres, To Win You Need To Score
At last nights game I nearly lost my voice hoping our cheers would give our beloved Sabres the confidence and drive to put the puck in the back of the net. Yet, it seemed like the louder we got the worse they became! What a frustrating game... Pick it up Sabres, you are our pride! When you lose we…
“We’re Gonna Win The Stanley Cup”
In 17 days the Buffalo Sabres will have their new team owner. Speaking with News 4 (WIVB) Sports Director, Terry Pegula says he expects to take control of the team on February 22nd when NHL Board of Governors should approve his $189 million dollar purchase.
Got 189 Million? Terry Pegula Era Offically Begins for Sabres
First of all, let's give some credit to Tom Golisano. Sure he pocketed nearly $100 milliion dollars since taking over the Sabres franchise, but he also saved it from being called the Hamilton Sabres. But if you're a Sabre fan you can't help but be excited by the official announce…
Danny Briere Would Have Liked Terry Pegula
Last night's 4 point performance by Daniel Briere reminded Sabres fans just how much the team misses the former captain. Briere continues to be a symbol of everything that's wrong with the Tom Golisano era of the Buffalo Sabres, according to Buffalo News Columnist Bucky Gleason.
Billionaire wants Sabres so freaking bad
The Hockey News is reporting that  Billionaire Terry Pegula has signed a letter of intent to buy the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres are currently owned by (other Billionaire) Tom Golisano, who saved the franchise from bankruptcy after The Rigas Family (former Billionaire’s, now pris…