Study Shows Siri May Not Be As Smart As It Thinks It Is
Apple’s Siri app turned a lot of heads and ears when the iPhone 4S first hit the shelves. The voice controlled app looked and sounded like something from an Arthur C. Clarke novel.
However, it may not bring us any closer to having a real HAL 9000 computer (and considering what happene…
Why Technology Sucks
Just a small rant today about technology. What’s the point in buying the latest and greatest if they’re just going to develop an even greater product in a few months?
First The Mail And Now Menus
Everyday technology is advancing all around us. Developers are creating products to make the consumer’s life easier and more organized. Email was the start of a revolution, by allowing everyday people to send messages instantly to anyone around the world, without having to pay for po…
Thanks to Vizio’s New Tablet, You Can Be Pretentious Too
Hey, I gotta hand it to the guys at Vizio. First, they made large screen televisions affordable and now they are tackling the Android and tablet market. In the spirit of competition, prices will likely drop on the name brands too, making these luxury items more affordable for everyone.

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