Pranksters Dress As Target Employees On Black Friday
Black Friday is infamous among retail personnel for bringing out the absolute worst in people. Customers are rude, self-centered, and obnoxious. So the guys at Prank Vs. Prank struck back for the employee, dressing up as employees of a certain retail establishment and offering "help&quo…
10 Surefire Ways to Get Kicked Out of Target — The Funnies
Department stores are great for everyday needs. It’s a one-stop shop for your bedding, electronics, and sometimes even your grocery needs. Target is one of the biggest department stores in the United States. This magical place not only has everything you could possibly need, but they…
World’s Oldest Flash Mob [VIDEO]
It looks like the folks from down at the Retirement Castle took a little field trip to Target over the weekend to help spread some holiday cheer. This could be the world's oldest flash mob!