How to Ruin the ‘Justice League’ Movie — Cast Ben Affleck
Getty Images/DC Comics What are the people at Warner Bros. thinking? After the success of ‘The Avengers,’ there was no doubt that DC Comics had to respond with their own supergroup of superheroes, and the ‘Justice League‘ fits the bill. But to put Ben Affleck at the…
No U.S. Citizenship For Superman!
Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images
There’s been a lot of debate about citizenship lately, but you probably didn’t see this one coming: Superman has renounced his U.S. Citizenship.
It happens in this week’s Action Comics No. 900. In a ripped-from-the-hea…
Nick Cage’s One Million Dollar Comic Book Found
At least it wasn't under his bed wedged between two Playboys. LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A valuable comic featuring the debut of Superman has resurfaced in a storage locker, and police said Monday that it appears to be the same one stolen from Nicolas Cage more than a decade ago.
Lindsay Lohan And Lex Luther?
Faster than a 2005 Mercedes SL-65. More powerful than vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry juice.  Able to leap tall re-hab centers with a single appeal. It's not Superman. It's Lindsay Lohan trying to get a job.  Radar Online is exclusively reporting that Lohan is…

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