Vodka Watermelon [VIDEO]
Summer is almost here!!! With summer comes parties and with parties come booze and a couple other things we probably cant mention. But we can however give you an idea to liven up your next party and get your friends to eat fruit. Its a win/win.
10 Life Hacks for Summer
Summer doesn't have to be all sticky fingers and screaming in outrage at overly buoyant straws. It turns out it's actually quite easy to enjoy the best season of the year -- all you need are these few simple life hacks. (And to man up and increase your tolerance for high temperatures.)
A GIF Guide to Surviving a Summer Heat Wave
Hey, did you notice it's hot outside? Like, pretty freaking hot. Maybe you can't afford the luxury of air conditioning. Maybe it doesn't matter because you still have to go outside. Don't panic (and certainly don't run). Here's a GIF guide to surviving a summer heat wav…

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