Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks Says John McVie Is ‘Gonna Be Fine’
It takes a lot of fortitude to log nearly five decades in a band as infamously tempestuous as Fleetwood Mac, so even though he isn't the most vocal fellow in the group, we know John McVie is a strong person. And according to McVie's longtime bandmate Stevie Nicks, it's that strength t…
See Stevie Nicks on the Set of ‘American Horror Story’
From the moment 'American Horror Story' creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the latest season of his hit FX series would focus on the lives of a coven of witches, you just knew someone was going to make a Stevie Nicks reference. And as it turns out, Nicks is perfectly willing to play along.
23 Years Ago: Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie Leave Fleetwood Mac
After more than a decade of relative stability and huge commercial success, Fleetwood Mac entered a period of constant flux during the late '80s. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham left the band in 1987, and while he was quickly replaced by Rick Vito and Billy Burnette, his departure was only the fir…

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