Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick for Pro Bowl
Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Mark Sanchez, and Oh yes, believe it, the 2-10 Quarterback from our beloved Buffalo Bills, Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently the fifth pick in the AFC east division for this years Pro Bowl!
Why So Serious? Bills comeback rivals team’s best
That’s the question that motivated Stevie Johnson yesterday. The Joker, took on Batman and Robin and prevailed with three touchdowns. It didn't look so good in the beginning of the game, with the Bills spotting the Bengals and early 28-7 lead, but the Bills scored 39 straight po…
Dust off your T.O. bobblehead
We love us some T.O. and T.O loves him some Buffalo. At least that’s what he said in a press conference this week. You can watch the Bills and T.O.s new team the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at 1 pm on Ch. 4. Owens ranks 5th in the league in receiving...