rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Science Offers Explanation for Rudolph’s Red Nose
Have you ever wondered how Rudolph got his red nose? Well, Dutch scientists have finally explained the mystery. Turns out, the reindeer's shiny nose is the direct result of "hyperemia of the nasal mucosa." Way to take all the magic out of Christmas, science.
Holiday Jacktivities for the Weekend!
The holidays are here and aren’t they just beautiful!  The lights, the smells, the decorations!  No matter who you are you can’t help smiling a little when you see the jolly fat man himself!  With this time of the season get all you’re s…
Did Sarah Palin Kill Rudolph?
Conan O'Brien took some shots at Sarah Palin last night when he spoke of her recent Caribou hunting trip in Alaska. Several other Hollywood celebs were not very happy with the former vice presidential candidate as screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was quoted as saying "You weren't killing…