Arkansas Man Sees His House Being Robbed From a Plane
Talk about being caught in the act.
Steven Lynn from Bay, Arkansas was on a private plane — his first plane ride ever — and asked the pilot to fly over his house so he could take some aerial photographs. But instead of generic shots of his home, he snapped something far more alarming: two…
Cops Find Robber Via Cash Trail
The scene was straight out of a classic Saturday-morning cartoon: After a robber took an undisclosed amount of money from a local CVS, he made a mad dash to a nearby laundromat.
As he ran, the pile of cash in his arms left a trail behind him, making it an easy catch for police officers...
7th Grade Lemonade Stand Robbed!
In an attempt to garner the title “World’s Meanest Robbers,” a couple in Houston held up a charity lemonade stand run by 13-year-old Chelsea Edwards and her two friends.
Gage Turner, 20, and Amber Umbarger, 21, allegedly approached the lemonade booth, in…