Christine McVie Open to Fleetwood Mac Concert Reunion
Christine McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac 15 years ago, and while she's occasionally attended the group's concerts, she's repeatedly refused her former bandmates' requests to join them for a performance. But maybe her resolve is finally weakening.
Byrds Unlikely to Reunite in 2014 for 50th Anniversary
Given their rocky past, it’s amazing that former Byrds frontman and lead guitarist Roger McGuinn and co-songwriter/singer and rhythm guitarist David Crosby are even on speaking terms, no less friends. Still, a new article suggests that it's unlikely they will do anything to cele…
Sebastian Bach Hints at Future With Skid Row
In a caption below a picture with former bandmante Dave "The Snake" Sabo, Sebastian Bach leaves fans hoping that the long-denied Skid Row reunion may actually happen. It's a 180 from everything both men have been saying in recent months and years. Yet somehow, this felt inevit…
Bill Ward Holds Out Hope for a Black Sabbath Reunion
The split between Black Sabbath and longtime drummer Bill Ward over a contract dispute has been well documented, but the musician still has positive feelings toward the group and says in a new interview that he's hoping that there will eventually be a return to the band.
Nirvana Bandmates Reunite Behind Closed Doors
Take three former members of Nirvana, put them together on a stage with their instruments and a stack of amps, and what do you get? The rock ‘n’ roll reunion of the decade — albeit one that played only briefly, and for an audience of one.
It all happened when lead Foo Fighter and former Nirvana drumm…