11 Clever Notes Left on Restaurant Receipts
Being a waiter or waitress can be pretty tough at times. Complaining customers, lame tips-- the list goes on. But of course there are the select few awesome diners who actually appreciate their servers (or just want to give 'em a laugh), and they leave a clever notes on the receipt.
11 Ridiculous Comment Cards You’ll Wish Were for You
If you've ever held some sort of customer service position, you know it can be incredibly trying, to say the least. Whether you've been a waiter, bartender or even a stylist, getting feedback on comment cards is just part of the ole job. While some notes can be harsh, according to our Inst…
12 Creative Restaurant Signs
The restaurant biz is super competitive, which is why standing out from every other place is a key compenent to success. Of course a good restaurant should have great food, but first impressions (aka the kind that happen before you even walk into an establishment) are often overlooked. This is where…
What Are America’s Worst Restaurants for Workers?
It appears that no matter how delicious the food at your favorite restaurant seems to be, it has nothing to do with how the business operates on the inside. Recently, a pro-worker group called Restaurant Opportunities Centers United produced a guide–mentioned in NY Times Columnist Mark Bittman‘s col…
Best Place To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo In Buffalo
Buffalo has no shortage of great Mexican restaurants, everything from fancy places to take a date to hole in the wall joints to hang with friends. This weekend is Cinco de Mayo and we have put together a list of our favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate May 5th...
Best Places To Watch The Super Bowl In Buffalo – Our Top Ten
The Super Bowl is just around the corner and you want to watch the Patriots and the Giants battle on a huge Hi-Def TV. Buffalo has some great sports bars and restaurants geared for doing just that. Here are our favorite places for watching the Super Bowl in around Buffalo.

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