Psy Returns [VIDEO]
After the smash single "Gangnam Style" took over our airwaves... Psy must have done a lot of drinking. Leading him to this collaboration with Snoop. The song is equally as repetitive along with as many cheesy dance moves as the first and has Snoop Dog what more needs to be sai…
Watch Heidi Klum and Psy Do ‘Gangnam Style’
Don't worry, kids -- 'Gangnam Style,' the infectious viral hit by Korean rapper Psy, is bound to run out of steam sooner or later, right? Wrong. Last night on the MTV EMAs, host Heidi Klum starred in a brief clip with Psy and broke out her best horsey dance.
‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes Gangnam Style [VIDEO]
'Saturday Night Live' kicked off the fall TV season early with a hilarious new episode and lots of new cast members. Besides the re-casting Jay Pharoh as Barack Obama, the highlight of the night was 'SNL''s take on the viral sensation Psy and the song &quo…