The Funniest ‘Scary Maze Game’ Reaction Videos
Few things are most satisfying than pulling off a really, really good prank. We're talking about the scare-your-pants-off kind that leaves our unsuspecting little siblings and friends falling victim to tons of spazzing out and the occasional tear or two. Basically, it's the best kind of me…
Is This Husband’s Car Crash Prank Funny or Cruel?
There are funny pranks and those that are just plain cruel. This one, where a husband convinces his wife that they’re about to be creamed by a semi truck in a head-on collision, is definitely more the latter. Hey, this could be grounds for divorce, buddy.
6 April Fool’s Pranks from Around the Web [VIDEO]
It's April Fool's Day today (no, seriously!), which in recent years has morphed into God's gift to the Internet.
Today, sites everywhere are doing their best to prank unsuspecting users, and we'll be the first to admit that we've fallen for a few of them. (Thanks, Google!)
As such, we've pulled togeth…
April Fools Pranks [Video]
What's worse than having an April Fools Joke played on you? When an April Fool joke is played on you and someone is recording it for YouTube.
April Fool’s! More Ideas to Get You in Trouble at the Office
April Fool's Day is made for Jack FM. What's better than a holiday that encourages you to pull pranks on people? Think about it, not only does it help the ordinary, mundane tasks of the day go by faster it also lands on a Friday this year, so your work week can end with a bang! Here are so…

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