Buffalo Northtowns Pizza Places

Just Pizza
2319 Niagara Falls Blvd., 716-568-1000
1402 Millersport Hwy., 716-688-3081
John & Mary’s
2363 Millersport Hwy., 716-688-3081
4621 Maple Rd., 716-691-8535
3500 Main St., 716-831-8000
1274 Eggert Rd., 7
City of Buffalo Pizza Places

Just Pizza
300 Elmwood Ave., 716-883-5650
3172 Main St., 716-831-9979
295 Main St., 716-856-4444
2350 Delaware Ave., 716-871-5700
Casa di Pizza
477 Elmwood Ave., 716-883-8200
La Nova
371 W. Ferry St., 716-881-3303
Mister Pizza
1065 Elmwood Ave
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Buffalo Southtowns Pizza Places

John & Mary’s
13485 Broadway St., 716-937-3311
Giacomo's Pizza Post
12643 Williston Rd., 716-655-7678
12482 Broadway St.,  716-937-0500
Town Line Pizzeria
11048 Broadway St., 716-684-0414


John & Mary’s
408 Ma…
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