Guy Cancels Pizza Pickup Because Hockey Game Went into Overtime
Sports fans have a lower threshold for the word “emergency.” While most people reserve the term for events like heart attacks, major world crises and running out of toilet paper, sports fans know that true emergencies are things like double overtime and last minute drives. So you can forgive one loy…
Buffalo Northtowns Pizza Places

Just Pizza
2319 Niagara Falls Blvd., 716-568-1000
1402 Millersport Hwy., 716-688-3081
John & Mary’s
2363 Millersport Hwy., 716-688-3081
4621 Maple Rd., 716-691-8535
3500 Main St., 716-831-8000
1274 Eggert Rd., 7
City of Buffalo Pizza Places

Just Pizza
300 Elmwood Ave., 716-883-5650
3172 Main St., 716-831-9979
295 Main St., 716-856-4444
2350 Delaware Ave., 716-871-5700
Casa di Pizza
477 Elmwood Ave., 716-883-8200
La Nova
371 W. Ferry St., 716-881-3303
Mister Pizza
1065 Elmwood Ave
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Buffalo Southtowns Pizza Places

John & Mary’s
13485 Broadway St., 716-937-3311
Giacomo's Pizza Post
12643 Williston Rd., 716-655-7678
12482 Broadway St.,  716-937-0500
Town Line Pizzeria
11048 Broadway St., 716-684-0414


John & Mary’s
408 Ma…
On a Lighter Note, a Ridiculous Pizza Commercial
Let's all just pause and think about what we really want this election day. Pizza, right? Here's a video excerpt from comedian Vincent Gargiulo's film 'KNFR From 7:00 - 7:30.' We think this is probably one of the best songs ever written about pizza...

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