Buffalo–The FIRST EVER Pizza Like This Is At Pizza Plant
You have to go try one of these from Pizza Plant.
They were the first in Buffalo, NY to bring the stuffed pizza to Western New York.
Now, don't get confused. This isn't stuffed crust pizza. This is stuffed PIZZA. It's a pizza with another thin layer of crust forming an actually pie shap…
RANKED: Who’s The Oldest Pizzeria in Buffalo?
Did you know that Buffalo is the home of the sixth oldest pizzeria in all of America? The guy started selling pizza out of his home when his family came over to Buffalo from Naples, Italy.
Meet: Fioravante Santora
It all started in 1927 after the family came over from Italy and needed to make money s…
5 “Pi Day” 2017 Deals in Buffalo
It's Pi Day...if you're a Big Bang Theory fan, or fan of math in general, you "get" why.  If not, well, in layman's terms, it's 3/14.
Bringing you back to 7th grade math class, Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter...

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