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Shameless Pet Video: Gus Vs. Pool [Video]
Betch last week you wish you had a dog like Gus. Gus is determined, no matter what to cool off. And nobody can stop Gus. It isn't enough for him to have a pool in the backyard, he wants an indoor pool.
Shameless Pet Video:Dogs Sledding
Nothing gets hits to our website like a cute pet video, and there's nothing cuter than dogs who like to do human activities like Sledding (although they may think they are snowboarding). Roger Dogbert calls this week's Shameless Pet Video "Physical Comedy at its Canine Best...
Shameless Pet Video
Today's shameless pet video compilation features some of the wackiest things dogs have ever done. Indeed, Dogs are awesome!
Jack FM:Picture of the Day
Here at Jack FM we'll try to bring a smile to your face with some wacky pictures of the day. Check back everyday for new pictures.