Breaking Fake News: Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead
Darth Vader held a press conference late last night announcing that his long time nemesis Obi-Wan Kenobi was killed in a brief firefight with a special forces unit from the Imperial Stormtroopers.
The Real Black Swan[Video]
The Academy Awards air this Sunday and Natalie Portman and the movie "The Black Swan" are nominated in every major category. But nobody is giving any credit to the real Black Swan. NSFW because of some raw language, cause we know you like it that way.

JACK’s WTF? Video of the Day
We have unconfirmed reports that Katy Perry and Russel Brand already have a child together and is apparently in his mid-20's, which is kinda weird but hey, so are they. Scratch that, this isn't their kid, but when they do have one, lets hope it doesn't look like this...
#LessAmbitiousMovies Takes Over Twitter, Hilarity Ensues
Last night around midnight my Twitter feed started being overrun by the hashtag #lessambitiousmovies. After reading a couple of them it was pretty clear this Twitter "game" was awesome. The whole idea is to take a movie and pull back a bit on the drama, excitement or action. Here are some …