Father Is Mortified When He Sees This Letter From His Son
I think there's an underlying important message to be learned here...
According to
This dad was about to leave the house when he passed by his son Jake’s room, he was astonished to see everthing was off the floor and the bed was even nicely made...
How Much Does The Tooth Fair Pay Per Tooth In 2015? [POLL]
The Tooth Fairy is rich....very rich.
Last year, she left over $225 million under pillows.
How much is a tooth worth now though?
How much is a very first tooth lost worth?
Delta Dental's survey found that children with parents under the age of 35 received an average of $5...
BatDad Trades In Batmobile For Minivan [VIDEO]
BatDad may not be up for father of the year, although he probably should be. In a series of Vine videos BatDad can be seen terrorizing teaching his kids with a rubber mask and gravelly voice. While the kids certainly act better than Bane, this doesn't stop the caped crusader of parenting from g…

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